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Graffiti Animal Series

Semi-Abstract Paintings of Animals

The Graffiti Animal Series is a fun, light-hearted series that features animals cast in bold colors.  For the last couple years this series has become a mainstay in LouCinda's portfolio. She discovered that doing these pieces was cathartic.   The most recent addition to this series  was "Bully Boy" but in 2024, she has decided to create several more semi-abstract paintings for this series.  Stay tuned for more bold and bright animals coming off of LouCinda's easel.


"Little Ball of Fur"


"Bully Boy"


"On The Prowl"

These two cats are part of a new series LouCinda  worked on in 2022.  They were done in LouCinda's graffiti semi-abstract style that she created for her "Graffiti Animal Series" but they also enjoy a place in her new "Meow Series" she created as a nod to cat lovers who requested more paintings of cats.

"Humpty Back Camel"
Humpty Back Camel.jpg

"Spit & Polish"


"I See You"

"Pittie Pat"

Pitty Pat - Copy.jpg
Side by Side by Side.jpg

"Trio of Friends"

"Best of Everything"

"In The

"Special Kind
of Crazy"

"Bad Hair Day"

"Waiting For You"


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