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About LouCinda


During childhood, art was LouCinda's creative outlet.  Her dreams of a career involving art were discouraged by her family so she pursued a career in law.  During her legal career, she put her artwork on hold but always knew she would one day resume her drawing.

"I never thought the artist left me.  The legal practice did provide an outlet for my creativity - writing legal briefs and opinions required storytelling and writing skills that drew upon the same process  I now use in my paintings."

"The detail that goes into each of my paintings, the problem solving process I use to depict the subject matter and color choices as well as the ability to work through the small details yet staying focused to achieve my overall vision mirror how I practiced law.  When I look at my artwork, I see the lawyer in there."

Impressionistic, abstract pastels, packed with color are reflected in LouCinda's art pieces.

"I enjoy the realistic portrait work but trying to bring a photo-perfect quality to my artwork is stressful.  When I gave myself permission to move beyond what I see every day, I started to enjoy the pastel work even more."


LouCinda first started with soft pastels formed into sticks.  She did not like the effect created by using the pastel directly on the paper so started to grind the stick down to its original powder form to lift to the paper using her tissue covered finger.

Later, she discovered pan pastels and found that they more suited her style and technique.

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