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Gallery - Realism

LouCinda yet creates realistic paintings primarily choosing friends, family and beloved pets as her subjects.   Pastels are a perfect medium for blending to obtain the soft skin tones in her portraits or for the creation of texture and variation of colors in the fur of the animals she has painted.  

In 2022, LouCinda briefly returned to her more realistic style to complete two cats she included in her "Meow Series."   The challenge to these pastels was the use of black paper and trying to restrict her color pallet to just black & white.  When completing the last one ("Little Ball Of Fur") she  decided that she needed to add just a touch of pink. 

"Watchful Eye"

In 2023, LouCinda added three more realistic pieces to her pastel collection.   The pink flamingoes were inspired by a nature program that featured flamingoes parading to show off their pink plumage to find a mate.  She loved the way they proudly raised their heads on their long necks putting themselves to their best advantage.  Her next two pieces were inspired by her Granddaughter's love of penguins.  All three of these pieces were painted on cold press watercolor paper which was rougher in texture than the typical paper LouCinda uses.   This paper was perfect to depict the fluffy coats of the juvenile penguins.

"The Waddle"

"Pink Parade"

"Out Of The Shadows"


"Little Ball of Fur"

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