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LouCinda Laughlin


 LouCinda applies a modern abstract twist to her pastel work.  Her work is an explosion of color resulting in paintings full of life and energy.  She is a self-taught artist using an unusual technique to apply her pastels which results in pastels that have a "watercolor-like" appearance.  

She works from photographs she has taken during her travels through the United States and Europe, her photographs of friends, family and beloved pets, as well as photographs provided by customers for commissioned pieces.

"When I was finally able to devote more time to my artwork, I chose graphite and pen & ink as they were familiar mediums.  After creating a few pieces in black & white, I decided I was ready to step into the world of color.  I discovered soft pastels.  The color exploded from me and I let it define my artwork rather than constraining myself to a more realistic pallette.  I then expanded that freedom to the shapes I selected to depict my subjects.  I like to create artwork that yet has an identifiable subject with an unexpected twist.  Thus, I create "twisted pastels."

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